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Russia claims its forces killed more than 50 militants in Belgorod

THE Russian army “disappeared” more than 50 militants during new attacks from the Ukrainian side on Russian territoryin the area of ​​the border with Ukraine in the Belgorod region, the Ministry of Defense announced in Moscow.

Military equipment and armored vehicles were also destroyedaccording to the same source.

Besides that The “Kiev regime” shelled the town of Sebekina, where a border crossing for vehicles is located, with artillery on Thursday, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported. Earlier, he had announced that he had repelled an invasion of militants.

Citizens leaving the area spoke of “major disasters” in the city. Russian TV networks aired scant footage. There have been repeated attacks in the area in recent days, with deaths and injuries.

Russian far-right organizations that have sided with Ukrainian forces, the “Russian Volunteer Corps” and the “Legion of Freedom of Russia”, claimed responsibility for the new attacks. The Ukrainian government denies any responsibility for their attacks.

The European Parliament passes a resolution to increase the production of ammunition in the EU

In the meantime, the European Parliament voted yesterday Thursday (1/6). in favor of increasing production of ammunition, mainly artillery shells and missiles, amid Russia’s war in Ukrainesays a press release released after the plenary session.

The members of the EP approved thus draft law on accelerating the production of ammunition to be made available to Ukraine and replenishing the stocks of the armed forces of European countries.

The European Parliament will have to negotiate with the governments the final form of the measures. Based on the draft, the EU’s production capacity will be increased with targeted measures, including funding of half a billion euros.

Source: News Beast

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