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Russia classifies organization of military wives as 'foreign agents'

Russian authorities on Friday classified as “foreign agents” an organization founded by the wives of soldiers who demand the return of their enlisted men from the war fronts in Ukraine, as well as a former presidential candidate who promised that if if elected it would end the conflict. Moscow often uses this label, loaded with references to the Soviet era, synonymous with extremely strict administrative measures, to silence critics of the Kremlin. The Ministry of Justice registered yesterday Friday the collective “Put Damui” (“The Road of Return”) in the register of “foreign agents”, which organized small gatherings of women who demand the return of their men from the fronts. The ministry argued that this movement aims to create a “negative image” of Russia and the Russian armed forces. After all, the demonstrations he organized had been declared illegal. He also blacklisted Yekaterina Dutsova, a former local elected official who tried to run in his presidential election […]
Source: News Beast

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