Russia details aircraft that will be displayed on “Victory Day” in Moscow

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The Russian Defense Ministry has given details of some of the military aircraft planned to participate in an exhibition in Moscow’s Red Square on Monday (9) to mark “Victory Day”.

The ministry said “77 planes and helicopters” will be displayed at the event, representing the number of years since the end of World War II.

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According to a ministry statement issued on April 28, highlights of the exhibition include:

  • Tu-95MS Strategic Missile Carrier
  • The Tu-160 ‘White Swan’ paired with an Il-78 tanker
  • MiG-29, Su-35S and MiG-31 fighter jets
  • The fifth-generation Su-57 aircraft
  • Tu-22M3 long-range bombers
  • Il-80 airborne command post
  • Ka-52, Mi-28N, Mi-24, Mi-8 helicopters
  • Mi-26, the largest transport helicopter in the world

Using Kremlin-approved language to describe Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the ministry said: “For the first time, eight MiG-29SMT fighter jets will fly over Red Square in the shape of the letter “Z” in support of the Russian military participating in a special military operation in Ukraine”.

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“The aviation portion of the parade will traditionally conclude with nine aircraft from the ‘Russian Knights’ and ‘Swifts’ aerobatic teams in the Cuban Diamond formation and six Su-25 attack aircraft, which will paint the sky in the tricolor colors of Russia,” he said. the ministry.

In Russia, May 9 marks “Victory Day”, and commemorates the role of the Soviet Union in defeating Nazi Germany in World War II. Victory Day is marked by a military parade in Moscow, and Russian leaders traditionally stand at Vladimir Lenin’s grave in Red Square.

Source: CNN Brasil

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