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Russia: Ex-Journalist Ivan Safronov Sentenced to 22 Years – Found Guilty of Treason

The ex journalist Ivan Safronov was finally sentenced to 22 years in prison by a court of Russiaas he was found guilty of high treasonwith the trial being held behind closed doors.

The troika of judges chaired by Dmitry Gordeev announced the decision without mentioning the reasons for the decision due to “confidentiality” and only announced the sentence.

Earlier, the prosecutor had requested that Safronov be sentenced to 24 years in prison, fined 500,000 rubles, and all his “criminally acquired” assets be confiscated.

It is noted that Safronov, who worked as an expert on military issues at Kommersant and Vedomosti newspapers and then as an adviser to the head of the Russian Space Service (Rosksomsos), was arrested in 2020 on charges of passing on classified information.

Ιβάν ΣαφρόνοφΙβάν ΣαφρόνοφIvan Safronov

The timeline of the case

Ivan Safronov has been held in the “Lefortovo” prison since July 2020, while he was accused of passing information to the Czech intelligence services. According to the version of the secret services, Safronov gave information concerning military and technological cooperation, defense and security of Russia. Later, elements related to Syria were added to the indictment. Until the investigation was completed, the FSB refused to disclose details of the indictment even to his defense counsel.

In August, investigative journalism website Proekt received the indictment in the Safronov case. The prosecution failed to locate the crime weapon, found no witnesses and did not determine the defendant’s motives, while all the so-called “secret” information provided by Safronov is in open imgs, the website wrote.

Among other things, the indictment included statements from journalists, whose work was usually far from military issues. For example, writes the website Proekt, the investigators gave Yelena Vikokurova, who is a member of the Human Rights Council (despite the president of Russia – USSR) the correspondence that Safronov had with the Czech Martin Laris, who after reading it stated that these issues “allow the disclosure” of state secrets.

His supporters say the case is retaliation for his reporting that revealed details of international arms deals signed by Russia.

Source: News Beast

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