Russia for Serbia and against Kosovo: Respect the rights of Serbs

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Russia’s Foreign Ministry called on Kosovo’s political leadership to stop what it called “provocations” and said the decision to replace Serbian license plates and Serbian police ID cards was part of an effort to “drive out” the Serb population from Kosovo.

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“The Kosovo Albanian leaders know that the Serbs will not remain indifferent when their liberties are directly threatened and are deliberately escalating the situation to trigger a military scenario. Of course, the target of the sharp attacks is also Belgrade, which the West wants to neutralize further using Albanian hands,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement, Serbian public television (RTS) reported.

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Moscow claims the US and EU are behind Pristina’s moves and calls on them to respect the rights of Serbs in northern Kosovo.

Serbs in northern Kosovo blocked two roads leading to the administrative border with Serbia with barricades on Sunday afternoon. They made the move in protest at Pristina’s decision to force the replacement of Serbian license plates with ones to be issued by the Kosovo authorities. Pristina will also not accept Serbian police IDs for entry into Kosovo from midnight.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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