Russia: Gas flows in reverse for third day via Yamal-Europe pipeline

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The Yamal-Europe gas pipeline, which supplies gas to Western Europe, is operating in reverse for a third day today, according to data from the German network operator Gascade, transporting fuel from Germany to Poland and adding to the pressure on the European spot gas market.

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European gas prices hit record highs this week after Yamal reversed the flow. While the move comes amid growing tensions between Moscow and Western countries over Ukraine, Russia has said the reversal is not due to political reasons.

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Two major customers in Germany have said that Russian gas supplier Gazprom is meeting its contractual obligations without specifying where the gas comes from. Gazprom has not kept gas transit capacity for exports via the Yamal-Europe pipeline for December 23, the results of the auction show today.

Flows at the Mallnow measuring point on the German-Polish border east of Germany in Poland were currently around 1,180,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh / h) and were expected to remain at that level throughout the day, according to the data.

Source: AMPE


Source From: Capital

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