Russia has allocated funds for the implementation of Marathon IoT and Skif satellite systems

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Yesterday, on January 14, representatives of the state corporation Roskosmos officially announced that two projects of satellite constellations Marathon IoT and Skif (both included in the Russian Sfera program) received state funding – this is with reference to the press center of the state corporation TASS news outlet reported.

“The projects for the creation of multi-satellite systems Marathon IoT and Skif, implemented by the Information Satellite Systems named after Academician M.F. Reshetnev, received state funding,” from the official statement of Roscosmos.

Both projects received subsidies from the federal budget, provided in the direction of “Development of advanced multi-satellite systems” within the framework of the state program “Space activities of Russia”. Unfortunately, exact information on the amount of subsidies has not yet been provided, but, on the other hand, the first satellite of the Marathon IoT system, judging by the project plans, will be launched into Earth orbit as early as 2024. At the same time, it is worth recalling that the entire Marathon IoT constellation will consist of 264 satellites, which will be located in 12 orbital planes at an altitude of about 750 km from the Earth. In addition, the launch of a demo version of the Skif project is scheduled for September 2022 – a multi-satellite system will provide broadband Internet access based on 12 small satellites. They will be located in orbit at an impressive altitude of 8070 kilometers.

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