Russia has created a unique cartridge with a light element for visualizing the flight of a shot

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Technodinamika specialists have developed a unique “Trail-Vector” cartridge, inside which there is a light element – it is designed to visualize the flight of a shot projectile and, as a result, adjust the accuracy of the shot. According to official data, there are no analogues of this development either in Russia or in the world.

The Shleyf-Vector design assumes the use of a special container in the cartridge containing a projectile with shot (28 grams) and the same light element (4 grams). After the trigger is released, the container shatters into three parts, one of which is an ignited light element – it creates a red trail, allowing you to track the trajectory of the shot. Visually, this light indication can be discerned already at a distance of 15 meters (depending on the ambient light). The burning of the light element takes only 0.3 seconds, stopping at a distance of 75–85 meters.

“A fundamentally new development of our holding significantly increases the chances of hitting the target. The light element in the composition of the shot projectile helps the shooter to reliably establish the position of the target and correct the accuracy of the shot. We expect that this unique product will be in demand both by hunters and citizens who are fond of sports shooting, “- Bekkhan Ozdoev, industrial director of the Rostec weapons cluster, which includes the Technodinamika holding.

“Shleyf-Vector” is intended for hunting and sport shooting. This cartridge can be used both with classic single-barreled / double-barreled / pump-action shotguns, and with smooth-bore weapons (with inertial or gas-operated mechanics). This is a certified civilian product.

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