Russia has options to hurt the US economically if Washington continues the sensations


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The Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Friday that they will expel American diplomats in proportion to the United States’ decision to expel Russian diplomats, as reported Reuters.

Featured statements

“It will reduce the number of short-term visas issued to American diplomats.”

“We understand that we have a limited ability to cause economic harm to the United States.”

“It will prohibit the US embassy in Russia from hiring citizens of Russia and third countries.”

“We would like to avoid further escalation with Washington.”

“We are ready to dialogue with the United States to find ways to normalize relations.”

“Eight high-ranking US officials and former US officials responsible for Washington’s anti-Russian course will be banned in Russia.”

“We are ready to reduce the US diplomatic presence in Russia to 300 people if Washington does not change course.”

“Have options to hurt the United States economically if Washington wants to continue a spiral of sanctions.”

Market reaction

This development does not appear to affect market confidence. At time of writing, the S&P 500 Index was up 0.18% on the day to 4,177.


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