Russia has undercover agents in Ukraine’s defense, says Zelensky ally

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Russia has agents in Ukraine’s defense sector who pass information to Moscow, allowing Russian forces to anticipate movements on the battlefield, President Volodymyr Zelensky’s representative in parliament said on Thursday.

“We cannot underestimate the enemy,” Fedir Venislavskyi said at a briefing.

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“Unfortunately, their main intelligence directorate has many agents, including in our defense sector. I think they partially understand the next steps of our armed forces,” he warned.

The statement comes amid heightened tensions and fears of an escalation of the conflict. On Wednesday (21), President Vladimir Putin announced partial mobilization of the population and threatened to use tactical nuclear weapons. In addition, pro-Russian areas in Ukraine have said they will hold referendums to vote on annexation.

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Another point is that the Ukrainian army has been carrying out counterattacks in eastern regions, recovering a large portion of the ground. The battle in the region is expected to intensify in the coming days and weeks.

Source: CNN Brasil

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