Russia: Life imprisonment for those convicted of acts of sabotage

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THE Russia passed a law which provides for the lifelong binds as a maximum penalty to those convicted of acts sabotage.

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As the German News Agency (dpa) points out, the conviction could concern not only the act itself, but also the financing, recruitment or planning to achieve the sabotage.

After the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, attacks against conscription offices and infrastructure in Russia were recorded. In the wake of President Putin’s partial mobilization in September, these attacks have escalated. More than 75 public buildings were targeted by November.

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Human rights advocates point out that the vague wording and different interpretations of the law give authorities the freedom to prosecute those who oppose the Kremlin’s policies.

In recent months, many critics of the war have been sentenced to years in prison for “defaming the Russian military.”

Source: News Beast

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