Russia: Limits exports of noble gases for microchip production

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Russia, in response to Western sanctions, is restricting exports of noble gases such as neon, a key component of microchip production, until the end of 2022 to boost its market position, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday. Trade.

Restrictions on Russia’s exports could worsen global microchip supply. Ukraine was one of the largest suppliers of noble gases in the world until it suspended production at its factories in Mariupol and Odessa in March.

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Exports of noble gases, which Russia used to supply to Japan and other countries, will only be allowed with a special state permit until December 31, the Russian government announced on May 30.

The move will provide an opportunity to “rearrange broken supply chains and create new ones,” Deputy Commerce Secretary Vassily Spack told Reuters on Thursday.

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Russia accounts for 30% of the world’s supply of noble gases, according to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Taiwan, the world’s largest chipmaker, has imposed restrictions on its exports to Russia following its invasion of Ukraine.

“We plan to increase our (noble gas) capacity in the near future. We believe we will have the opportunity to send our message to the global supply chain, and this will give us a competitive edge if we need to build mutually beneficial our partners “, stressed Spack.

Source: Capital

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