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Russia: Moscow mayor calls for city’s air defenses to be strengthened after multiple Ukrainian drone strikes

Its mayor MoscowSergei Sabianin, stated that he wants to expand and strengthen the anti-aircraft defense of the capital of Russiaas they have multiplied recently Ukrainian attacks with unmanned kamikaze drones.

“This year we have done a lot to protect Moscow from drones and attempted terrorist acts”Mr Sabianin told representatives of municipal services and companies yesterday, according to Russian news agency Interfax.

New air defense systems are being installed in recent weeks, even on a daily basis, he added.

Observers remain skeptical of claims by Russian authorities about Ukrainian UAVs they say have been spotted and shot down.

Ukrainian drone raids on Russian territory, which have multiplied in recent months and are now practically daily, have targets mainly Moscow500 kilometers from the border of the two countries, the Crimean peninsula, which Russia annexed in 2014, and above all military airports, against the backdrop of the counterattack by the Ukrainian army that began in early June.

At the end of July, the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his satisfaction because the war is now “reaching the territory of Russia”.

Russia’s anti-aircraft defense shot down an unidentified flying object in Pskov

Elements of the Russian anti-aircraft defense “they neutralized an unknown object” in the airspace of the Pskov region (west), announced the head of the self-government in the regionwhere earlier this week Ukrainian UAVs struck Russian transport aircraft on the ground.

In a short video uploaded by regional governor Mikhail Vezernikov on the Telegram platform, a column of thick smoke can be seen rising into the sky and at least one explosion and ambulance sirens can be heard. Videos released on social media show the city’s air defenses targeting drones.

The regional governor said that, according to the first information, there were no victims or damage to the ground.

It should be noted that earlier several Ukrainian drones were seen over the Bryansk region of Russia, with the Russian authorities claiming to have shot down one of them.

Source: News Beast

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