Russia: NATO knows what action we can take if it rejects security guarantees

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The North Atlantic Alliance is well aware of the military-technical measures that Russia can take in the event that NATO rejects Russia’s demands for security guarantees, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grusko said in an interview with the newspaper today.

“We are not threatening anyone. We are warning. Our position is completely understandable and predictable. We have made it clear and we are now waiting for the exact same honest response,” Grosko said. “We are talking about the Russian side. We are not hiding our potential, we are acting in a very transparent way.”

Grusko, among other things, pointed out that the specific measures would depend on which military forces could be activated against Russia’s interests. At the same time, he said, Moscow will decide to continue the dialogue with NATO and the US on Russia’s security guarantees after receiving “written responses to the proposals” of the Russian Federation. “Then we will determine our position,” the Russian deputy foreign minister concluded.



Source From: Capital

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