Russia on the Black Sea: If this happens again, Britain will have consequences

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The “Hot” episode that occurred a few hours ago in the Black Sea, when a warship of Russia fired warning shots at a British man, he is still at the center of the confrontation between the two countries – and not only. This incident further increased the tension in the area, with all sides giving their own version of what happened.

In this context, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed its strong protest to its ambassador Great Britain in Moscow, Deborah Bronert, for the incident with the destroyer “Defender” in the Black Sea, whose actions she described as “provocative”.

At the same time, he maintained that should similar challenges arise, the full responsibility for any consequences lies with the British side, as characteristically stated in the announcement of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The British ambassador in Moscow was summoned today (24/06) to the Foreign Ministry and upon her arrival, but also upon her departure from the area, she did not make any statement.

Earlier, Russia has warned that in the event of a recurrence of such an incident, there will be a harsh response. “We believe that the British destroyer has made a challenge. In addition, we regret that it was a deliberate and prepared challenge, “he said the Kremlin spokesman according to the ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ.

Specifically, the Dmitry Peshkov stressed that Moscow considers the actions of the destroyer “inadmissible and inconsistent with international law”, while did not rule out the possibility of a harsh response in the event of a recurrence of such an incident.

“If unacceptable provocative actions are repeated, in case these actions exceed the limits, we can not rule out any actions within the legal defense of the borders of the Russian Federation,” he said, answering the question whether there is a possibility on the part of Russia. to hit the target in the event of a recurrence of similar incidents.

Peshkov refused to clarify what he meant by actions that go beyond the limits.

Great Britain: We will not accept illegal interference in the safe passage of the sea

For its part, Britain said it would not accept illegal involvement in safe passage at sea, and that its Navy would uphold international law, in a written statement to Parliament following a warship confrontation with Russia.

“The Royal Navy will always uphold international law and will not interfere illegally in safe passage,” Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said in a statement.

Russia has accused Britain of spreading lies about the controversy in Black Sea and warned London that it would respond decisively to any further provocative action by the British Navy off the coast of Russian-annexed Crimea.

In his statement, Wallace said that the British warship HMS Defender had been warned of a Russian exercise with real fire and noted that the exercise was carried out outside the scope of its position. Wallace also said Russian aircraft flew 500 feet (152.4 meters) over the Defender.

“These aircraft did not pose an immediate threat to the HMS Defender, but some of these maneuvers were neither safe nor professional,” he said, adding: “The HMS Defender repeatedly responded via VHF to Russian units and , in any case, with courtesy and professionalism “.

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