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Russia: Products and equipment banned from being exported from the country

THE Russia banned today exports certain products and equipment from the country in order to deal with severe economic sanctions adopted by the West due to war in Ukrainebroadcast on Thursday (10/3) the news agencies AFP and Reuters.

The measure concerns products and equipment previously were imported in Russia from abroad.

According to the government, the ban concerns technologies related to telecommunicationsthe medicine, farm machinery and electrical equipment.

It is also about machines, turbines, metal processing machines and stones, monitor and headlights.

“This measure is necessary in order to ensure the stability of the Russian market,” the government said in a statement, stating that the ban would last until the end of the year.

Exports of certain types of wood to “unfriendly” countries are also limited until the end of 2022, APE reports.


Exports will, however, be possible to its member countries Eurasian Economic Union (UEE), a Moscow-led customs union, and its autonomous democracies South Ossetia and her Abkhazia.

The measures follow sanctions imposed by the West on Moscow after it invaded Ukraine on February 24.

Source: News Beast

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