Russia: Punishment for pedophiles tightens

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The Russian president Vladimir Putin signed a law providing for up to Life imprisonment σε καθ ‘έξιν pedophiles, who have been previously convicted of violent acts against minors, as well as those who first committed violence against two or more children, broadcasts the Russian agency TASS.

The new Russian law has been published on the official legal information portal of the country and, as provided by Russian law, will enter into force within ten days since its publication.

To date, life imprisonment could only be imposed for the rape of persons under 14 by pedophiles, previously convicted of similar crimes, but the new law expands the age limits and introduces the maximum sentence of life imprisonment for every pedophile, who repeats a sexual assault against any minor, even over 14 years old.

The same harsher sentence of life imprisonment will be provided for those who were not previously accused of rape, but sexually abused two or more minors, or if “this crime is associated with the commission of another heinous or highly heinous crime.”

The new stricter law was introduced for a vote in the State Duma (lower house) in September 2021 and was approved at first reading in late December, while any reservations receded and its adoption was accelerated after the abduction and murder of a five-year-old in early January in Kostroma, a historic city on the Volga, 330 km northeast of Moscow.

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