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Russia routinely transfers nuclear weapons to Belarus in response to NATO pressure

The transfer of tactics is in progress nuclear weapons from the Russia towards the Belarussomething that constitutes response to pressures who exercises the NATO in the Kremlin after the invasion of Ukraine.

The Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko said today that the relocation has already begun, TASS news agency reported.

Yes, the Russia signed an agreement with its close ally Belarus for storage of nuclear warheads in a special facility which should be completed in a little more than a month.

It is noted that a few months ago Vladimir Putin had expressed his intention for this transfer.

At the time, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry justified the country’s decision to cooperate with Russia in a statement today, in which it emphasized that Minsk was acting to protect itself from the West. “Over the past two and a half years, the Republic of Belarus has been under unprecedented political, economic and communications pressure from the United Statesthe United Kingdom and their NATO allies, as well as by the member states of the European Union,” the statement said.

“In the face of these conditions and the legitimate concerns and dangers in the realm of national security arising from them, Belarus is forced to respond by strengthening its security and defense capabilities».

Minsk maintains that Russian nuclear plans do not contradict international agreements on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, as Belarus itself will not control these weapons.

Source: News Beast

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