Russia says it hit Ukrainian military installations in Donbass and Mykolaiv region

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Russian forces destroyed five Ukrainian army command posts in Donbass and the Mykolaiv region with high-precision weapons and also hit three storage sites in the Zaporizhzhia region, the Defense Ministry said on Saturday.

The ministry, quoted by Russian news agencies, also said that the Russian air force had hit a Ukrainian weapons and equipment base at a tractor factory in Kharkiv, in northeastern Ukraine.

Russian attack leaves 21 dead in Odessa, southern Ukraine, officials say

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Russia toppled part of an apartment building as residents slept on Friday in missile attacks near Ukraine’s port of Odessa, which officials say killed at least 21 people, hours after Russian troops abandoned the post. advanced on small Cobra Island.

Residents of Serhiivka village helped workers remove rubble from the nine-story building, a part of which was completely destroyed in the morning strike.

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Walls and windows of a neighboring 14-story building were also damaged by the shock wave. Nearby holiday camps were also hit.

“We came here to the scene, assessed the situation together with first responders and local residents and together we helped those who survived. And those who sadly died. We helped carry them,” said Oleksandr Abramov, who lives nearby and rushed to the scene when he heard the explosion.

Serhiy Bratchuk, a spokesman for the Odessa regional administration, said 21 people were confirmed dead, including a 12-year-old boy.

Among the victims was an employee of the Children’s Rehabilitation Center, set up by Ukraine’s neighbor Moldova, at the resort. Another five were injured.

“These peaceful people made the days of Moldovan children more beautiful, they took care of their rehabilitation with much love and devotion,” said Moldova Health Minister Alla Nemerenko on her Facebook page.

The regional governor said the missiles were fired from the direction of the Black Sea.

The Kremlin has denied targeting civilians.

Source: CNN Brasil

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