“Russia should become the biggest gas supplier to Asia”, says expert

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Russia could establish itself as the biggest gas supplier to Asian countries after the war against Ukraine, according to Pedro Rodrigues, a partner at the Brazilian Infrastructure Center.

in interview to CNN this Saturday (6), Rodrigues stated that there should be significant geopolitical changes in the fuel market when the war ends.

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“Russia will become the biggest supplier of gas to Asia and no longer the West. Europe, on the other hand, will have to look for new sources to buy this gas, diversify its energy matrix,” she said.

“I also believe that the US will come out stronger, because currently, together with the countries of the Middle East, they will be the only ones able to meet this demand for natural gas. But I think we are going to see, mainly in the Atlantic Basin, in which Brazil is located, a higher gas price in the medium and long term”, he added.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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