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Russia should not react to Sweden and Finland joining NATO, says expert

The accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) – which, now, depends on the approval of the parliaments of the member countries of the bloc – should not cause a Russian reaction.

This is the assessment of the Master in International Relations, Tanguy Baghdadi, in an interview with CNN Radio .

“President Vladimir Putin said he doesn’t care as long as they are not a direct threat. I don’t see how Russia would react, it is economically sanctioned.”

In addition, the expert points out that “militarily, Finland and Sweden are more powerful than Ukraine, which already gives work, and would be an eventual second battle front, there is nothing practical that Russia can do.”

Now, during the accession process, according to the professor, “no step should stop the process”, since there is no longer any opposition from Turkey.

Baghdadi points out that Russia has managed to consolidate dominance in the entire Luhansk region of Ukraine, and already has control over more than half of Donetsk.

“I believe that if it confirms dominance in eastern and southern Ukraine, Russia may consider announcing the end of the war to consolidate the gains it may have made,” he explained.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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