Russia: Soldiers asked to take sanitary napkins and tampons with them for wounds

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Them great shortages in the supply of soldiers who responded to mobilization of Putin and rush to the Ukrainian front highlights video released on social media and reposted by Nexta.

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The video shows one military doctorin unit – basis of concentration, which, according to Telegraph, welcomes young men who have been recruited and informs them of the situation at the front and the things they should have with them.

The woman informs them that the army is not going to give them anything except ammunition. “Guys, take care of yourselves,” he says characteristically. The officer also asks the soldiers to buy sleeping bags and medicine for diarrhea and to take first aid kits from cars.

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Finally, he exhorted themto ask “their mothers, sisters and girlfriends” to buy them the “cheapest sanitary napkins” and “cheapest tampons”. “Don’t laugh guys. The sanitary napkins will serve as pad pads and tampons to stop bleeding after bullet wounds,” says the officer.

Source: News Beast

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