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Russia – State Duma Speaker to EU: If you want gas, grain or metals, ‘find rubles’

The speaker of the State Duma, lower house of the Russian parliament Vyacheslav Volodin, today warned the EU that if it wants to import gas from Russia, it will have to pay in rubles, adding that the same may apply to exports. oil, cereals, metals, fertilizers, coal and timber.

After the West imposed severe sanctions on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded that the gas exported to the EU be paid in rubles. G7 energy ministers rejected the request on Tuesday, with French President Emmanuel Macron telling his Russian counterpart that such a thing would be impossible.

“If you want gas, find rubles,” Volodin said in a post today.

“In addition, it would be right, where this benefits our country, to expand the list of products priced in rubles in order to include: fertilizers, cereals, oil, sunflower oil, coal, metals, timber, etc.” he added.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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