Russia: The EU’s decision to suspend the visa agreement is ‘ridiculous’

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The EU’s decision to completely suspend its visa facilitation agreement with Russia is “ridiculous”, the Kremlin said today.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov added that Moscow was now considering ways to respond.

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EU foreign ministers yesterday agreed to completely suspend that deal with Russia because of its invasion of Ukraine, meaning Russians will have to wait longer and pay more for visas.

Baltic and northern European countries have been pushing for a complete ban on visas for Russian tourists wanting to enter the EU.

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“This is bad for the Russians because it will take longer and it will be more difficult to issue visas,” Peskov commented. “This is yet another ridiculous decision in an ongoing series of absurdities,” he added.

The Kremlin spokesman warned that Russia would respond with corresponding measures, explaining that the EU’s decision would “make the situation more difficult for Europeans as well” and that Moscow would respond in a way “that best serves its interests”.

Meanwhile, Peskov accused the EU of obstructing the operation of Russian energy giant Gazprom, a day after the company announced it was suspending gas deliveries to Europe due to maintenance work on the Nord Stream pipeline.

The Kremlin spokesman explained that the situation with Nord Stream is difficult and that Moscow’s problems in finding equipment to maintain it are due to the sanctions against it.


Source: Capital

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