Russia to ban foreigners from using Russian surrogates: lawmaker

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Russia will soon adopt a law that prohibits foreigners from using Russian surrogate mothers said Vyacheslav Volodin, speaker of the lower house of Parliament, this Sunday (27), Mother’s Day in the country.

THE Paid surrogacy is legal in Russia but the practice was criticized by religious groups for commercializing the birth of children 🇧🇷

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“Everything must be done to protect children, prohibiting foreigners from using the surrogacy service “, said Volodin on the messaging app Telegram.

“We will make that decision in early December.”

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He said that around 45,000 babies born to surrogate mothers have been taken abroad in recent years. “Child trafficking is unacceptable,” he added.

Russian lawmakers passed the bill almost unanimously in their first reading in May. If approved in the final third reading, it will be reviewed by the upper house of parliament and signed into law by President Vladimir Putin.

The Ukrainian government says Russia has forcibly deported more than 12,000 Ukrainian children since the invasion in February, while 440 have died in the war and hundreds are missing.

Russia denies forced deportations, saying the movement of people from Ukraine to Russia was to protect civilians from Ukrainian soldiers.

Putin met a carefully selected group of mothers of Russian soldiers sent to fight in Ukraine on Friday, saying their children did not die in vain.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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