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Russia to respond to “threatening” deployment of US long-range missiles in Germany”

Russia will respond to a planned US deployment of long-range missiles in Germany, the Kremlin said today, as it views NATO’s military actions as a serious threat to Russia’s national security. The United States and Germany announced at the NATO summit in Washington that they will begin deploying long-range missiles in Germany in 2026, to demonstrate their commitment to NATO and the European Union at a time when Russia is waging war in Ukraine . They announced that “sporadic deployments” are being prepared for a longer stay that would include SM-6 missiles, Tomahawk missiles and hypersonic weapons with a longer range than Europe’s current capabilities. NATO also announced yesterday that a new US anti-aircraft base in northern Poland, designed to detect and intercept ballistic missile attacks as part of a wider NATO missile shield, is on the way. Asked in a briefing with Russian news agencies about the […]
Source: News Beast

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