Russia to supply Belarus with nuclear missile launchers

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Russia will supply Belarus with “nuclear-capable missiles” in the “coming months”, Vladimir Putin said, welcoming Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko, who also offered to help modernize its air-to-air missiles.

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“In the coming months, we will be transporting regular Iskander-M missile systems to Belarus, capable of using ballistic missiles or Cruise missiles, in their conventional and nuclear versions,” Putin said at the beginning of his conversation with Lukashenko. from Russian television.

“A large number of Su-25 aircraft are in service in the Belarusian army. They could be properly improved. This modernization must be done in the aircraft factories in Russia and the training of personnel must begin accordingly,” he said. President, after his Belarusian counterpart asked him to “adapt” the aircraft to have the capacity to carry nuclear weapons.

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During their meeting they also discussed the issue of the fertilizer market.

“We have agreed with Lukashenko to do everything possible to meet the needs of our consumers and our customers,” Putin said, adding that “Moscow is in contact with the competent services of the United Nations “on the subject.


Source: Capital

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