Russia warns US over Ukraine: Possible delivery of tanks would pose ‘another challenge’

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The possible delivery of heavy tanks by the US and its allies in its military Ukrainian would be “another flagrant provocation” against Russia, Anatoly Antonov, the Russian ambassador to Washington, said today.

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“It is obvious that Washington has set out to inflict a strategic defeat on us,” Mr. Antonov said, according to a post by the embassy on the Telegram platform.

“If the US decides to procure tanks, justifying this step with arguments about ‘defensive weapons’ will have no effect. It will be another blatant challenge against the Russian Federation.”

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The president’s government Joe Biden is expected to announce, possibly as early as today, that he will begin procedures to supply the Ukrainian army with heavy tanks, US officials told Reuters on Tuesday, as relayed by the Athens News Agency.

Source: News Beast

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