Russia, what we found out about Vladimir Putin after the war

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Western sanctions, a consequence of the Russian attack on Ukraine, have made the world discover a side of Vladimir Putin that the Russian president had never wanted to show. Putin’s secret life is made up of wealth, villas and families, all in the plural.

«The members of this extended family are the beneficiaries of a kleptocratic system in which Putin commands like a mafia godfather, with lieutenant oligarchs who pay tribute in the form of wealth and villas to all those in Putin’s affective sphere “, writes the New York Times recounting what is known about the children, lovers and various relatives of the Russian president.

Officially Putin has two daughters Maria and Katya had by ex-wife Lyumila Ocheretnaya, the only one that appeared in official meetings and international summits. The analysis of the New York Timesreports the Ansa, it starts from them and from the visit to Sardinia, guests of Silvio Berlusconi, in 2008. It was a visit of luxurious shopping and boat excursions.

The eldest, Katya, who is over 40, is married to Kirill Shamalov, son of Nikolai Shamalov, ally of the Russian president and major shareholder of Bank Rossiya, the bank of Gennady Timchenko, considered Putin’s “personal banker”. The wedding was celebrated in Igora, one of the Tsar’s favorite ski resorts. Maria is married to Jorrit Faassen and has lived in the Netherlands for years.

If this is the official family, there is more than an unofficial one. Svetlana Krivonogikh used to work as a cleaning lady in St. Petersburg, now she is in the real estate market, a member of the board of directors of Bank Rossiya and a shareholder of the Igora ski resort. Elizaveta Vladimirovna Krivonogikh was born from her relationship with Putin.

Putin’s current partner would be Alina Kabaeva, former Russian gymnastics champion, among the possible recipients of European sanctions and already sanctioned by London. After the divorce from his first wife, the Russian president would marry Alina who lives with her children, three of him, he had in Switzerland. A petition has been started in the country to kick her out of her.

Alina appears in the list of twelve, including relatives and friends of the tsar, whose assets London has frozen and prohibited entry into United Kingdom. According to the British government, “they are people the Russian leader has been using for years to hide his personal wealth.” According to the Anglo-American financier Bill Browder Putin, he has assets of over 200 billion dollars, the British say 24 billion which is still a lot. All this money is covered by family members who act as front names because Putin officially has only a modest salary, an apartment in St. Petersburg, two Soviet-era cars and a garage.

The current partner is president of the largest Russian private media group, the National Media Group, and is linked to Bank Rossiya. According to reports from the Corriere della Seraalso Anna Zatseplina, Alina’s grandmother, allegedly received a luxury apartment from the banker and was sanctioned for this. How Putin’s cousins ​​ended up among the sanctioned ones. Mikhail Shemolov has a fortune of 600 million of obscure origin, Roman and Mikhail Putin with the latter being on the board of directors of Gazprom.


Source: Vanity Fair

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