Russia will receive an additional 1 trillion. rubles from hydrocarbon exports this year, according to the Russian Ministry of Finance

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Russia is expected to receive an additional 1 trillion rubles (13.7 billion euros) from hydrocarbon exports in 2022, and part of that amount could be spent on financing its military operation in Ukraine, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said today. .

“We estimate that the additional revenue from hydrocarbons could reach up to 1 trillion rubles, according to our forecasts in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development,” Siluanov said in a televised interview.

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“In the past we put some of the money from oil and gas in our reserves but this year everything will be spent,” he added.

According to Siluanov, the money will be used to pay pensions, support families with children and “conduct special operations” in Ukraine. “We have the resources,” he assured.

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Russia is receiving record amounts of hydrocarbon exports, mainly because prices have soared. European Union member states are trying to reduce their dependence on Russian hydrocarbons but have so far not agreed to phase out Russian oil, largely due to Hungary’s refusal.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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