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Russia: With silence on Moscow attack, US ‘encourages’ ‘Ukrainian terrorists’

The government of USA “encourages” her Ukraine choosing to publicly ignore the drone attacks launched against Moscow on Tuesday (30/5) morning, its ambassador said of Russia in Washington, Anatoly Antonov, according to Russian news agencies.

“Silence and ignoring the atrocities shows some kind of leniency” of the US government towards Kiev, Mr. Antonov said, reports the Russian state news agency RIA. Nevertheless “in fact, this is about encouraging Ukrainian terrorists”he added.

The US attitude

The US government, however, with the statement of a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated that they do not support military attacks against Russia on its territory.

“In general, we do not support attacks inside Russia. We are focused on supplying Ukraine with the equipment and training it needs to reclaim its own sovereign territory.”a State Department spokesman told reporters on the sidelines of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s visit to Sweden.

Earlier yesterday, the spokeswoman for the American presidency made an identical statement. “We do not support attacks inside Russia, we have been very clear about that. Our emphasis is on giving Ukraine the equipment and training it (its armed forces) need to take back its sovereign territory.”said Karin Jean-Pierre during a briefing of accredited journalists.

According to Russian authorities, several UAVs were shot down yesterday morning as they approached Moscow, three by electronic jamming and five by anti-aircraft defenses. However, others hit buildings, causing material damage. The Kremlin blamed Kiev, which officially denied it.

Asked specifically about this attack, Ms. Jean-Pierre said the White House was still “gathering information” about what happened, insisting that the American position had been “clearly” conveyed to the Ukrainian authorities but pointing out at the same time that the attack in Moscow was as Kiev suffered a seventeenth Russian airstrike yesterday.

Ukrainian attack on Belgorod – Fire in Krasnodar

One person was killed and two others were injured in a Ukrainian shelling of a reception center for internally displaced people in Russia’s border region of Belgorodannounced the head of the local self-government in it, Vyachelav Gladkov.

“Ukrainian armed forces hit with artillery a center for displaced persons housing elderly and children, a guard was killed and (other) two people were injured”Mr. Gladkov reported via Telegram.

According to him, the injured are “in a serious condition” and are being treated in “intensive care units”, as one has suffered injuries to the abdomen and the other to the chest.

He accompanied his message with photos of a damaged building with broken windows, a shell crater near the guard’s canopy, and adults and children being bussed away from the center.

Belgorod Oblast, which borders Ukraine, has repeatedly been the target of shelling, airstrikes and attempted armed incursions from Ukrainian territory.

At the same time, a fire broke out at a refinery in Krasnodar, in southwestern Russia, possibly due to a hit by a Ukrainian remote-controlled drone, regional governor Benjamin Kondratiev announced via the Telegram platform in the early hours of today. “There are no casualties,” Mr. Kondratiev clarified

Incidents of this nature have multiplied recently, as Kiev says it is preparing for a large-scale counteroffensive to drive the Russian military out of territory it holds in Ukraine.

Source: News Beast

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