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Russian anti-Putin paramilitaries join Ukraine battle in Kharkiv region

A Russian fighting for Kiev, seen under a hat and his face covered, described relentless fighting in the northeastern Ukrainian region of Kharkiv, where Moscow's forces opened a new front last week. “The situation is difficult, the tension is very high, there are battles almost every ten minutes,” said the gunman, who identified himself only by his nickname, Vinny. The soldier belongs to the “Freedom for Russia” brigade, which is made up of Russian nationals opposed to President Vladimir Putin and fighting in Ukraine. Ukraine has sent reinforcements, including the brigade and two other units made up of Russian nationals, to support its defense against the Russian ground invasion of the northern areas of Kharkiv, which began about a week ago. “It's an incredible meat machine that they're still sending their own people into,” Vinny said, describing Russian casualties as Moscow's infantry tries to advance further. […]
Source: News Beast

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