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Russian armed opposition united in Ukraine

Russian armed opposition united in Ukraine

The “Free Russia” Legion and the National Republican Army have decided to unite their efforts to liberate Russia from Putin’s tyranny and end the war of aggression against Ukraine as soon as possible. The “Free Russia” Legion and the National Republican Army (NRA), which are engaged in armed resistance against Russia in Ukraine, today, August 31, signed a declaration in Irpen (Kiev region) on the union of efforts, writes the Russian service of Deutsche Welle.

As noted in the text, the sides share the common goals of liberating Russia from “Putin’s tyranny and ending the war of aggression against Ukraine as soon as possible.”

It was also announced the creation of a unified political center that will represent the interests of the parties that signed the agreement before the authorities of other countries, and will carry out a common information policy, explaining to Russian society the goals and tasks of the opposition forces. The center’s activity is coordinated by Ilya Panomaryov, who on behalf of the NRA signed the declaration with the representatives of the “Free Russia” Legion.

Keeping the symbols of their armed services, the sides agreed to have as a symbol of their common struggle the white-blue-white flag.

“We are very grateful to the Ukrainian people, very grateful to the leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and to President Zelensky for giving us the opportunity with weapons in our hands to wash away the shame that surrounds the Russian people. It is a great honor for us to we are on the side of the Ukrainians,” the representative of the “Free Russia” Legion, who introduced himself as Chizar (Caesar), told DW.

The Legion of “Free Russia” is a combat armed unit that is part of the armed forces of Ukraine and was formed mainly by Russian prisoners and volunteers who crossed over to the side of Ukraine. The formation of this department was announced in March 2022 on social media and in the Ukrainian press. According to information from DW, the legion consists of two brigades, the numerical strength of which in June was 250 people.

Nothing was known about the National Republican Army until August 21, 2022, when Russian opposition politician Ilya Panomaryov, who has been living in Ukraine since 2016, said the NRA claimed responsibility for the car bombing that the 30-year-old daughter, journalist and active activist of Russia’s war against Ukraine Daria Dugina was killed. The NRA manifesto, presented by Panomaryov, infers that the organization unites “Russian activists, military and politicians” who have decided to outlaw “warmongers, robbers and oppressors of the peoples of Russia”.

On August 23, in an interview with the Novoe Vremia media, Panomaryov called the NRA, “a network of activists on the territory of the Russian Federation.” According to him, its members “are not less than a thousand”.

Source : DW (Russian service)

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