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Russian attack against the port of Ismail in the region of Odessa

The Ukrainian forces shot down 17 Russian drones in the Odesa region, the local governor announced today, adding that in the port city of Ismail buildings were damaged.

“Seventeen drones were shot down by our air defense forces (…) In many areas of the Ismail region warehouses, production buildings, agricultural machinery and industrial equipment were damaged”Oleh Kiper reported on Telegram.

“Many fires broke out in civilian infrastructure due to falling debris” after the drones were shot down, the governor added, clarifying that the fires were extinguished.

According to Kiper, the attack lasted three and a half hours, but there were no casualties.

The military command of southern Ukraine said for its part that a “significant night attack” was launched by drones against “civilian infrastructure in the Danube region”.

The port of Ismail on the Danube has been reduced to one of the main export routes for Ukrainian agricultural products since Moscow withdrew in late June from the Black Sea agreement.

On the night of Saturday to Sunday, Russian drones hit industrial facilities on the Danube, as announced by the Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine. The Russian military said it launched a drone attack on the port city of Reni, on the border with NATO member Romania.

Source: News Beast

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