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Russian attacks damage electrical installations in Ukraine and leave injured

A new Russian missile and drone attack destroyed some energy facilities in southeastern and western Ukraine on Saturday, injuring at least two energy workers and forcing record imports of electricity, authorities said.

Ukrenergo, the Ukrainian national grid operator, said equipment at its facilities in the southeastern region of Zaporizhzhia and in Lviv were damaged during the second Russian airstrike this week.

According to the company, two workers in Zaporizhzhia were taken to hospital for treatment.

Russian strikes also hit a gas facility in the west of the country, the Energy Ministry said.

“After eight massive enemy attacks on the energy system since March, the situation in the energy sector remains difficult,” they added.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said its troops used long-range missiles fired from aircraft and ships, as well as drones, to attack ammunition depots and energy facilities that it said supported military production.

Ukraine’s navy highlighted that it was the first time since the start of the war that Russia launched missiles from the Sea of ​​Azov instead of the Black Sea.

“This is an important turning point, because they use it [Mar de Azov]considering it a safer water area than the Black Sea”, said Ukrainian navy spokesman Dmytro Pletenchuk on local television.

According to the Air Force, Ukraine’s air defense shot down 12 of 16 missiles and all 13 drones launched by Russia. Air alerts in Ukrainian regions lasted for several hours throughout the night.

Source: CNN Brasil

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