Russian developers have found investors: legendary Mechanoids will be continued

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Representatives of the Russian studio SkyRiver Studios said in a press release that the developers were able to obtain additional funding to create a new part of the iconic Mechanoid franchise. It is worth noting that initially the development of “Mechanoids: Protocol of War” was funded by fans, but, of course, these funds were not enough to achieve the goal. Now the studio is financially supported by private investors – the founders of the Moonlight Mouse and Door 407 studios. There is no information about the amount of funding, but the team noted that these funds will be enough to release the project.

However, there are certain subtleties. The developers promised to release “Mechanoids: Protocol of War” in the fall of this year on Steam, but, unfortunately, we are not talking about a full-fledged release, but only about the launch of the alpha version of the product. Although the creators of the game said that they had already developed enough content of the final quality, so that the transition from the alpha version to the full-fledged premiere would not take much time, they did not name the exact date. The developers also recalled that in the sequel to “Mechanoids 2: War of the Clans” there will be several endings at once, complete freedom of movement in the virtual world, impressive size of the location, change of time of day and weather conditions, as well as a large arsenal of equipment.

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