Russian Foreign Minister: US surrounds us with military bases and causes hysteria at the border

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Against USA turns Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, emphasizing that have surrounded Russia with their military bases and are constantly causing hysteria on the country’s borders.

Speaking at an annual conference on public diplomacy entitled “Dialogue in the Name of the Future” and responding to Numerous criticisms against Russia over the movements of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine and the Black Sea, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said. on the other side of the ocean and the fact that the US surrounded us on all sides with their military bases, are already facts that probably every student knows. “Nevertheless, this hysteria is constantly developing.”

“We are in favor of seeking agreements and compromises”

“The West’s attempt to maintain its hegemony by any means runs counter to the objective course of history, because there are China, India, Brazil, there are centers of development in Africa and in Latin America and Asia. “A multipolar world order is being formed, where there will be several centers of economic development, of political influence,” he said. Sergei Lavrov as broadcast by the Athenian News Agency, adding that his country is in favor of seeking agreements and compromise decisions.

The Russian Foreign Minister also criticized the new AUKUS agreement between the USA, Britain and Australia, estimating that in the Asia-Pacific region “where until recently the positive, constructive, unifying tendencies, the tendencies of seeking consensus and compromise are openly introduced schemes to deter some countries from other countries “.

In fact, Sergei Lavrov referred to Russia’s alliances with Asian countries, former Soviet republics, within the BRICS, but also the “troika” Russia, India, China (RIC), which “retains its importance” in recent tripartite The meeting adopted an extensive joint statement, in which the three countries are “in favor of the democratization of international relations”.

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