Russian operators are launching smartphones for rent. New iPhones are already available

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MTS has launched a smartphone rental service, but so far with certain restrictions – the service applies only to the latest iPhone models (XR and newer) and is available exclusively in Moscow and the Moscow region. In the near future, MegaFon plans to provide a similar opportunity, while other large operators remain on the sidelines. This was reported by Kommersant.

At MTS, smartphone rent is available only with a monthly payment, and its cost depends on the price of the smartphone. For example, the basic iPhone 11 will cost 4,200 rubles per month, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max in the minimum modification – 8,900 rubles per month. MTS assures that customers will not be held responsible for abrasions and minor scratches if they occur during use. Six months later, the operator will decide whether to scale this service.

MegaFon does not plan to limit itself to leasing only the iPhone, providing residents of all regions with the lease of devices of any brand.

MTS expects that the service will be popular mainly among three categories of people: “young people who are not interested in loans and permanent obligations now”; from those who want to test a new gadget before buying; for vacationers who want to use a quality camera.

The company began to lease exactly the flagship models, since they are the most profitable for the operator: users of premium smartphones consume more traffic and ecosystem products.

When asked by Kommersant, the operator Tele2 said that it did not see any expediency in launching such a service, Svyaznoy did not respond, and VimpelCom stressed that there was no such option in its retail. Telecom Daily CEO Denis Kuskov believes that operators, most likely, will not be able to make money on such a service, and now they are just experimenting and looking for new niches in the market. In his opinion, users will only rent smartphones for a short time.

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