Russian soldiers have no motivation to fight, says Ukrainian diplomat in Brazil

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In an interview with CNN this Thursday (22), the charge d’affaires of the Ukrainian embassy in Brazil, Anatoliy Tkach, said that Russian soldiers have no motivation to fight and do not share the goals of his government.

“Ukraine is determined to defend its territories. Russia’s recent decisions on the mobilization of people show the systemic problems that the government, the military command and the incorrect establishment of objectives have”, she evaluated.

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The speech comes a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced partial mobilization of the population and threatened to use tactical nuclear weapons. In addition, pro-Russian areas in Ukraine have said they will hold referendums to vote on annexation.

“The referendums that were declared were occasioned by the success of the Ukrainian army, which in a matter of days liberated the Kharkiv region”, said the diplomat, adding that these decisions “will not change the war”.

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Finally, he stressed that Ukraine “has the right to protect itself” and that the end of the battle requires the withdrawal of Russian troops.

Source: CNN Brasil

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