Russian Tutor 4.4

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This program will replace expensive classes with an ordinary tutor-teacher, will help you remember the school course of the Russian language and prepare for the exam.

The algorithm of the program does not differ from what the tutor does:

  1. Gives a task.
  2. During the execution, the Tutor comments on each of your correct and incorrect answers. – Explains: WHY so and not otherwise.
  3. At the end of the exercise, he gives a grade.
  4. The tutor tracks your progress in improving your literacy for each specific topic.

You will be able to quickly and independently master spelling. All exercises are grouped into 12 topics and correspond to the grammar rules, which are located right next to them – in the tables.


  • B after sizzling.
  • Vowels after sibilants and C.
  • Spelling n and nn in various parts of speech.
  • NOT merged or separately.
  • The use of particles is NOT and NO.
  • Alternating roots.
  • Prefixes.
  • B and vowels at the junction of the prefix and root.
  • Suffixes of nouns, verbs, participles.
  • Vowels in verb endings and participle suffixes
  • Hyphenated spelling of words.

This program is a stripped-down version of another program: Russian language. Exercises from which redundant information has been removed: Academic handbooks of the rules of 1956 and 2007. Added animation to the interface: Tutor.

The material is compact, visible and intended for its complete assimilation. This, in fact, was the goal: to limit the exercises to only systemic cases, which present a real difficulty in writing.

In the program, you can change the font size in a very wide range, you can change the background of the text: light and dark.

If the teacher does not speak aloud, but only moves her lips, then

Enter the program settings (tab on the right – with a gear) and click on the buttons

  1. Speak aloud – On
  2. The language of the TTS module is Russian.

If an inscription appears in response that the Russian language is not supported, then

  1. First, install the Google Text-to-Speech program from GooglePlay.
  2. Then enter

    “Settings” – “Language and input” – “Speech synthesis” – “System default” (Android 4.4) or in

    “Settings” – “System” – “Language & input” – “Advanced settings” – “Text-to-speech” – “Default synthesizer” (Android 8)
  3. Replace the default “Pico TTS” with “Google Speech Services”.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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