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Russians and Ukrainians have each announced the downing of drones

Ukrainian remote controlled drones were shot down by the Russian anti-aircraft defense near Kursk, a Russian city relatively close to the border with Ukraine, announced in the early hours of the morning the regional governor of the homonymous region, Roman Starovoit.

“Ukrainian drones shot down by anti-aircraft defense system near Kursk”Mr. Starovoit said via Telegram.

“We ask the people of Kursk to remain calm, the city is under the reliable protection of our army”the governor added.

The Kursk region has been frequently bombed by Ukrainian forces since the outbreak of war in February 2022.

The Ukrainian authorities, for their part, in the early hours of the morning lifted the alarm of airstrikes they announced earlier across the territory, and officials in Kiev assured that air defenses shot down more than 30 Russian missiles and unmanned kamikaze drones.

Russian forces have launched some 20 missile and UAV strikes against Ukrainian cities, including the capital, since early May.

Kiev’s military command said via Telegram today that Russian forces simultaneously sent missiles and drones to hit targets in the capital.

“According to the first information, more than 30 targets of various types were detected and destroyed in the airspace over and around Kiev by the anti-aircraft defense forces”he announced.

Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko, speaking of two waves of attacks, assured via Telegram that there were no calls to emergency services.

Ukrainian authorities have been generally asserting lately that they are shooting down the majority of Russia’s missiles and UAVs.

The Netherlands wants to buy Leopard 1 tanks and give them to Ukraine

The Dutch government will ask the Swiss government for permission to buy Leopard 1 heavy tanks from a Swiss company in order to make them available to the Ukrainian armythe Dutch news agency ANP reported on Thursday, citing unnamed sources.

In February, Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s government announced it would deliver at least 100 older-technology Leopard 1 heavy tanks to the Ukrainian armed forces in cooperation with Germany and Denmark.

The defense ministry said the purchase referred to by the ANP is part of the original plan, but declined to go into details. Mr Rutte’s services did not immediately respond when asked by Reuters for comment.

Last month, the Swiss government approved the withdrawal from service of 25 more advanced Leopard 2s for resale in Germany.

The issue of the sale of tanks is particularly sensitive in Switzerland, where the country’s neutrality laws and the ban on arms sales to belligerent countries preclude the possibility of direct arms deliveries to Ukraine, although the Swiss government assures that it is in favor and despite repeated requests from the side of Kiev.

Source: News Beast

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