Russians collect bottles of blood on border with Ukraine – Concerns are growing

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The accumulation of its military forces Russia near the border with Ukraine has taken on new dimensions, including now blood bottles and medical equipment for the care of the wounded, in another indication of Moscow’s military readiness, according to exclusive information from Reuters, citing three US officials.

Acting and former U.S. officials say specific indications – such as blood supplies – are crucial to determining whether Moscow would be ready for an invasion if the Russian president Vladimir Putin decided to give such an order, relayed by ΑΠΕ ΜΠΕ.

The revelation made by US officials – without naming – about the blood bottles, raises concerns that Russia may be preparing for a new invasion of Ukraine, having gathered more than 100,000 soldiers on the borders of the two countries, as the US has warned.

It is recalled that the president Joe Biden predicted that a Russian attack is possible, while the Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken estimated that Russia could launch a new offensive against Ukraine “in a very short time”.

The US Pentagon has pointed out that the accumulation of medical equipment is part of the deployment of Russian military forces on the border. However, the revelation about the blood bottles adds even more details that, according to analysts, are perfectly indicative of the level of military readiness of Russia.

“It is not entirely certain that there will be a new attack, but no one would have launched an attack without them (including blood supplies),” he said. Ben Hodges, Lieutenant General e.a. who is now an analyst at the Center for European Policy Analysis.

It is noted that the Ministry of Defense of Russia avoided to comment on the Reuters post.

A White House spokesman recalled Washington’s repeated warnings of Russian military readiness near the border with Ukraine.

The three US officials who made the revelation about the collection of blood bottles, refused to specify when exactly their transfer near the Russian-Ukrainian border was noticed. However, two of them reported that it happened in recent weeks.

Russian soldiers

Moscow denies invasion scenarios

Russian officials have repeatedly denied that an invasion was planned. But Moscow says it feels that way is threatened from the strengthening of Kiev’s ties with the West.

He occupied it eight years ago Crimea and supported them separatists which took control of large parts of eastern Ukraine, reminds Reuters.

The security guarantees, called for by Russia in December, include the end of further NATO enlargement, the exclusion of Ukraine from future membership in the Alliance and the withdrawal of NATO forces and weapons systems from Eastern European countries that joined the Alliance. end of the Cold War.

Vladimir Putin said today that the United States and NATO did not respond in the basic security guarantees requested by Russia, in this confrontation with Ukraine, but stressed that Moscow is ready to continue the dialogue.

The United States and its allies, on the other hand, have warned that Russia will face harsh financial sanctions if it attacks Ukraine. Western countries have already imposed economic sanctions since Russia occupied and then annexed the Crimean peninsula in 2014.

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