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Russians have developed a supersonic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead in a launch silo

Its missile forces of Russia deployed in a launch silo in southern Russia an intercontinental ballistic missile equipped with the supersonic glide vehicle “Avangard” capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, according to today’s broadcast of the TV channel of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

President Vladimir Putin announced the creation of the Avangard supersonic glide vehicle in 2018, saying it is responding to the US’s development of a new generation of weapons and a US missile defense system that the Avangard can penetrate.

As he nears his goal, the Avangard glide vehicle detaches from the missile and can make sharp maneuvers out of the missile’s path and at supersonic speeds reaching up to 27 times the speed of sound (about 34,000 km/h).

The Zvezda TV channel, which is owned by the Russian Defense Ministry, broadcast images of a ballistic missile being carried into a launch silo, slowly rising to a vertical position and then descending into the silo in Orenburg Oblast, near Kazakhstan.

Russia had deployed its first Avangard-equipped missile in 2019 at the same facility in Orenburg.

Russia and the United States, by far the largest nuclear powers, have both lamented the collapse of arms control treaties that had slowed the Cold War arms race and reduced the risk of a nuclear war.

Nevertheless the United States, Russia and China are developing a range of new weapons systems, including hypersonic ones.

Source: News Beast

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