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Russia’s Supreme Court Outlaws LGBTI+ Movement as ‘Extremist’

The Supreme Court of Russia ruled today that the LGBTI+ activists should be labeled terrorists, a move which, according to representatives of gay and transgender people, risks arrests and prosecutions. A Reuters reporter in court heard the House announce that approved a request by the Ministry of Justice to recognize as extremist what he called “international social movement LGBTI+” and ban his activities.

This move is part of the effort to increase restrictions on Russia the expression of sexual orientation and gender identity, including laws prohibiting the promotion of “non-traditional” sexual relationships and the prohibition of legal or medical gender reassignments.

The president Vladimir Putin, who is expected to announce soon that he will seek a new six-year term in March, has long sought to promote an image of Russia as the guardian of traditional moral values ​​in contrast to the decadent West. In a speech last year, Putin said the West was welcome to adopt “rather strange – in my view – so-called modern trends like dozens of genders and gay parades”, but had no right to impose them on other countries. as broadcast by APE-MPE.

Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters before the court ruling that the Kremlin “is not following the case and has no comment to make.” The Supreme Court took just over two hours to issue a decision after the proceedings began at 09.00 Greek time. The proceedings were closed to the media, but journalists were allowed to hear the decision.

Source: News Beast

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