Ryanair reduces its winter offer, will close some bases and warns: “There will be layoffs”

It will close the Cork, Shannon and Toulouse bases in winter after reducing its traffic forecasts to 38 million passengers


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As the second wave of the pandemic advances in Europe, airlines continue to reduce their flight offer looking forward to the next few months. The low cost Ryanair, the one that moves the most traffic in Spain, has already cut its autumn schedule and has revised the winter schedule (November-March), which will go from 60% to 40% with respect to supply from last year.

The company has announced important cuts in the bases of Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Vienna, in addition to the closure for the winter season of the Cork, Shannon and Toulouse bases.

Due to increased restrictions imposed by EU governments, flights to and from much of Central Europe, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Belgium and Portugal have been reduced, according to the company.

These measures “have caused advance bookings to decline slightly in October, and significantly in November and December “.

Ryanair expected to operate with an occupancy of 70%, but the outlook has worsened due to all these restrictions and that is why the airline has reduced its winter operations even more, reducing its capacity from 60% to 40% compared to the year. or earlier. It expects to maintain up to 65% of its winter route network, but with reduced frequencies.

Impact on employment

According to your forecasts, traffic for the entire year will be reduced to about 38 million passengers. “This forecast could be modified downwards if some EU governments continue to mismanage air services and impose more restrictions,” they point out.

“While we deeply regret these cuts to winter scheduling, we have been forced to carry them out due to poor government management of air services“, said Michael O’Leary, CEO of the group.

“It is inevitable, given the scale of these cuts, that this winter let’s implement more unpaid vacation policies and shared days in those bases in which we have agreed to a reduction in working hours and remuneration, a measure that we believe will be better in the short term instead of massive job losses “, the manager pointed out.

It also warns that “There will be more layoffs at those little cabin crew bases,” where an agreement on working time and salary cuts has not yet been reached, “which is the only alternative.”

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