S. Kedikoglou: Teleconference with scientific bodies for the program ‘Amorgorama’

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The Deputy Minister of Rural Development & Food, Mr. Simos Kedikoglou, reiterated the political will of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure to support the institutionalization of Amorgos as a marine protected area and the implementation of the “Amorgorama” axes.

The discussion was attended by the General Director of Fisheries of the Ministry of Regional Development, Mrs. Marina Petrou, the Mayor of Amorgos, Mr. Eleftherios Karaiskos, the President of the Professional Association of Fishermen of Amorgos, Mr. Michalis Krosman, the Marine Biologist and member of the special Environmental Study of the Natura 2000 areas of N. Aegos, Mr. Panos Bio and scientific advisor of Amorgorama, Mr. Vangelis Paravas, the Executive Director of the Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF), Mrs. Annie Mitropoulou and competent officials.

The “Amorgorama” program includes the abstention of local fishermen from fishing activity during the breeding months and the participation of their fleet in coastal sea clearings. To this end, all commercial and recreational fishing vessels are required to cease fishing in April and May.

In its position, YfAAT stated that with minor modifications the program could be included in the next programming period as it is in line with the European guidelines and the wider effort of the state to declare protected areas in Greece. He assured of the cooperation with the competent Ministries and expressed the desire for Amorgos to be an example to be imitated.

The members of the scientific community referred to the importance of the area and the need for a synthetic approach that will utilize the existing data (in the context of the preparation of the Special Environmental Studies for Natura sites) and advocate the adoption of measures for fisheries.

A common agreement of all parties was the expectation that Amorgos will be a model for other regions of Greece and the agreement for permanent cooperation in order to draw up a “road map” for the implementation of the program.

Finally, Mr. Kedikoglou pledged that he would make every effort not to lose the momentum of the “Amorgorama” program.


Source From: Capital

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