S. Zacharaki expressed her optimism for the tourist season

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The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Sofia Zacharaki, referred to the dynamics of the image of the Ministry of Tourism and the direction that the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis himself has “to be where Greece can be heard, and of course to strengthen the message of our tourist identity”. her speech at the ND pre-conference in Heraklion. Ms. Zacharaki said that Greek tourism for another year is facing very big challenges. Speaking about the summer of 2021, when “we opened our sails on May 15 with the aim of reaching 50%, we exceeded it, we reached 60% and now 11 billion went to the revenues of the public funds from tourism”, he expressed optimism for this year’s tourist season, under pressure and war in Ukraine.

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“There was indeed a freeze, a numbness in the first three weeks of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. But now it seems that the climate is heating up and we really see our hoteliers, all the people in the hospitality chain, smiling, obviously thinking about increasing operating expenses “said Ms. Zacharaki, emphasizing that” we seek better results “.

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The Deputy Minister of Tourism referred to the strategic plan that is being implemented and to the 320 million euro budget projects that are planned and concern infrastructure projects for maritime tourism, for marinas, mountain tourism, ski resorts, accessibility to trails, projects for accessibility for people with disability, digitization but also tourism education.

“We will do our best to improve tourism education. We have received over half a million technical assistance for the redesign of tourism education and of course at the same time we will have a 47 million program for new skills, but also existing skills for the upgrading of 20,000 unemployed and seasonal workers “said Ms. Zacharaki, who also spoke about the visitable wineries, olive mills, breweries and dairies, adding that” very soon we will have the ministerial decisions and the signals so that they can help the business activity of of our producers “.

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