S. Zacharaki: The contracts of the 39 administrative employees in the educational units of the Ministry of Tourism are extended

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“Our goal is to cover the administrative services of the educational units of the Ministry of Tourism, so that we have the best possible preparation for the new year,” said Deputy Minister of Tourism Sofia Zacharaki, supporting the relevant provision of the ministerial amendment submitted to the bill of the Ministry of Health.

Ms. Zacharaki stated that the extensions of the contracts of the 39 part-time administrative employees are intended to cover the administrative needs that arise during the summer, in order to have the best possible preparation for the new year, the new year of training, so that to start schools earlier than ever, from October 15 to 20. He stressed that this extension does not mean that we forget “and our obligation to permanently cover the needs of administrative employees” noting that “we have planned in the announcement 12K / 2021 of ASEP, permanent employees for our schools, while for 2022 we have planned with the Ministry of Interior the recruitment of nine permanent employees. From one position for the Guide Schools of Corfu, Rhodes and Crete, two positions in IEK Galaxidi and IEK Corfu, one position in IEK Crete and one position in ASTEK “.

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The Undersecretary added that for the first time last year in 2021 we gave our candidates the opportunity to submit a parallel computerized form for their study at IEK, so that they can become further known. After eleven years, we modernized the Joint Ministerial Decision of the internship, giving our students more options for business. Specifically, we added ten new business categories. We started earlier this year, from March 2022, the applications for inclusion of new companies in the program of this summer period for internship and we have taken the necessary steps to receive the housing allowance for the children of IEK, not only the students of public IEK Tourism of Education, but also to the students of IEK Tourism, of our ministry. We have modernized the regulation of the Guide Schools of the Ministry of Tourism. We added for the first time the possibility of special forms of tourism and virtual tours, while since last year the request of our students has been satisfied, the free entrance to archeological sites and museums.

In the summer, said Mrs. Zacharaki, we are preparing the new regulation for IEK Tourism. In fact, it is updated after fifteen years and is now in consultation with our managers. We established two experimental specialties with the valuable help of IEK Thessaloniki and they are executives of hospitality companies specializing in the field of room management and executives of travel and tourism companies. We are also updating our commitment to further education. We are holding the training program for another three years, as we found the resources from the Public Investment Program and in fact the training program will start earlier, so that the unemployed and seasonal employees of the Ministry of Tourism can participate. All this, in addition to the half a million technical assistance we have received from the European Commission for the reform of tourism education and the 46 million euros from the Recovery Fund, where we will provide distance education to twenty thousand unemployed and seasonal workers on updated topics. .

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Asked by SYRIZA parliamentary representative Panos Skourletis about the Turkaegean case and whether the responsibility lies with workers and what the government will do at EU level to counter this challenge, the deputy minister said: ” The government has taken action since the first issue arose. We will obviously not leave it pending. but it is self-evident the request to investigate how we got to this and how it did not become widely known.This is certainly a very crucial issue. and other issues “.


Source: Capital

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