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Sabrina Carpenter turns 25 and celebrates with Leonardo DiCaprio meme

This Saturday (11), Sabrina Carpenter turned 25 and shared records of his celebration. For the cake, the singer chose a meme from Leonardo DiCaprio which made reference to his new age and a pattern established by the actor in his relationships.

In the center of the cake, a meme was placed that mentioned the star's “cut-off age” with the following phrase: “Nooooo, turn 25. You’re so sexy, aha.” The image references a theory that says that DiCaprio doesn't date women over 25. Look:

In 2022, a user of the social platform Reddit, which brings together discussion groups on various topics, even created a chart with the actor's known girlfriends. According to the survey, all relationships ended before they reached 26 years of age. Look:

In addition to the themed cake, Sabrina shared other photos from her celebration, which included her friends and karaoke.

DiCaprio is criticized after being seen with a model 29 years younger

Source: CNN Brasil

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