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Sadness in Cyprus: The 22-month-old boy who suffered an electric shock at his home lost the battle

The injury of the 22-month-old child, who suffered an electric shock at his home in Limassol, turned into a tragedy, as he lost the battle for life on Saturday afternoon. According to reporter.com.cy, the 22-month-old boy was hospitalized for the last twenty-four hours in a critical condition in the Children’s Intensive Care Unit of the Makarios Hospital, however, he did not manage to stay alive, plunging his relatives into mourning. At the same time, the authorities are investigating the circumstances surrounding the serious incident that occurred yesterday, while the evidence so far shows that the child was playing with a vacuum cleaner. It is recalled that the incident occurred around 9:30 on Friday morning, when his 37-year-old mother, who was working in the kitchen, found her child unconscious in the living room, next to a vacuum cleaner, which was connected to the socket.
Source: News Beast

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